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Refund Policy

Assignmento.com always aims to provide 100% quality content with the assistance of our professional academic writing team. Our esteemed services have been successfully providing high-quality assignment writing help to all the students. Not quality and assurance is our only concern, but we have laid down our structure on honesty as well. That is the reason we have facilitated our customers from Refund Policy because our customer’s satisfaction is our core requirement. Unfortunately if any mistakes occur in the paper, then our customer reserves the right to ask for the refund.

Conditions to apply for refund

Have a look at the refund reasons below, if you find any of these then so you can ask for a refund.

  • If we missed the deadline
  • If we overlook your given requirements
  • If our provided assignment is of ordinary quality
  • If we provided you assignment with plagiarised content
  • If we failed to satisfy you even after multiple revisions of your assignment

Your satisfaction is our peace of mind, and that’s why Assignmento would comply with your specifications and make sure to provide you with the best assignment writing services. We are indebted to return your money by applying following refund conditions.

  • Customers would be provided 100% money back if mistakenly made their payments twice due to some technical issues.
  • Customers will be provided 75% money back, if our assignment writer misses the deadline or order accomplished after the deadline, due to which student has to suffer a loss and assignment submission couldn’t be made on time.
  • 50% money would be return in the case, if the customer demands to take the order back despite the remaining time in given deadline or if our assignment writers could not provide any assistance in regarding revision as per customer’s request.

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