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Assignmento.com wants to clarify that all the assignments available are for the purpose of assistance and must have to be used for referencing only. Students are not allowed to submit their work if anybody do so then company reserve the right to initiate serious actions.

Quality service availability

  • We work hard to satisfy our customers more than any other website, but we are not responsible for non-availability of our services because of external factors.
  • The website might be inaccessible to the customers without informing them in advance.
  • Any harm arises by the usage of this website or due to inaccessibility don’t make us accountable.

Disclaimer links

There are links available related to other websites, and we are not responsible for the information provided there. We are also not accountable or the information transfer from our linked websites.

Safe product usage

We also reserve the right to ensure the safe usage of our products .we are not offering our products for commercial purposes, and we do not allow anyone to put their names on our products and use it. All the products are available for research and references only.

Prices and discount offers:

15% discount is available if the assignment length is 101 pages or more than 101 pages. This discount offer will continue for future orders.

Refund & revision policy

  • There is the opportunity of unlimited revision. If a customer request for the refund then our team checks the validity of the claim. If the team finds that the work is as per customer requirement, then the refund claim would not be acceptable.
  • Ten days will be available to you for approval.
  • You can contact within seven days after receiving the revised paper.

Proofreading service:

Proofreading service is not responsible for the work written from the scratch. It involves checking for the errors regarding the grammar, plagiarism, spelling, structure of the sentence and the punctuation.

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